Don’t expect 64-bit Silverlight anytime soon.

Looks like its not on the agenda at all according to this response to Emil Protalinski over at Arstechnica from Scott Guthrie Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s .NET Developer Division.

“Right now our plan is to run SL in 32-bit mode (and not have a 64-bit native version). This is mostly because other browser plug-ins (and most browsers) don’t support 64-bit yet. We are looking at adding native 64-bit support in the future though.”

Read the entire article here

Its a shame really, especially with 64 bit Windows doing so well lately. Last September, I expressed my thoughts on the matter.

“…its strange Microsoft is not up on the 64-Bit bandwagon, in critical areas as this. With this being a fresh technology, I would have hoped that 64-bit development would have been there in mind at the start. Oh, well, I am not being hampered, but it just clues me in that 64-Bit development at Microsoft might be hassle.”


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