Leaked Windows 7 build shows small improvements

A new post beta Windows 7 build (7032) is out on the scene just after build (7022) leaked a few days ago. Not a lot has changed since build 7000, but users will notice some improvements to areas of the interface such as Explorer Task panes getting a new aurora theme, much lighter in color.

Windows 7 now includes the latest beta build of Internet Explorer 8

Post Windows 7 beta builds now include the latest version of the Internet Explorer 8 BETA – Release Candidate 1.

New Home Group icon

A new Home Group icon is also included which I actually don’t like. Its three small globes revolving around a huge globe signifying movement. I would have preferred if people icons revolving around a globe were used instead.

New Control Panel icon – not loving it that much, but its still an improvement.

Control Panel views is now customizable in addition to a new Control Panel icon.

Users can expect to see more bundled themes, Windows 7 is definitely progressing well, looking forward to RC1.

Check WinFuture.de for addition screenshots here


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7 responses to “Leaked Windows 7 build shows small improvements

  1. Chris

    I dont get the new control panel icon. Looks more like a linux icon then a vista/7 era.

  2. Andre

    Its Control Panel based on the looks of it, but it just does look aesthetically pleasing me. I expect a control panel to look something more like a voltage breaker panel in your house.

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