Reminder: Windows Live Calendar is coming soon!

Just got the update in my inbox, Windows Live Calendar will be coming soon and the Windows Live Team would like you to start preparing for the transition.

Windows Live Calendar

Dear Calendar Customer,
You spoke and we listened! We took valuable feedback from customers like you and made the next generation of our online calendar even better, which some of you have already been using in its beta form. Windows Live™ Calendar is an easy-to-use online calendar that helps you keep in sync with the people and events you care about. Now out of beta, it has a new look and some improved features:


  • Calendar sharing and to-do lists: Coordinate easily with family and friends by setting up shared calendars and to-do lists.
  • Public calendar subscription: View automatic updates on your calendar when information from your public calendars changes. Subscribe to a concert, weather, sports, or other public calendar1?. Windows Live Calendar will sync changes from that calendar to your calendar list.

So what do you need to start preparing for the move?

Please prepare for the move.
In preparation for the move, we’ll need your help with one item. You may have added attachments (such as presentations, documents, and spreadsheets) to your calendar through Microsoft Outlook Connector or the MSN® Premium client; if you did, any attachments you added will not be copied to your new calendar.

Original calendar will be retired.
When we finish moving all your original calendar information to Windows Live Calendar, the original calendar will officially retire so we can focus on delivering a more feature rich Windows Live Calendar to you. Once your information has been moved, you will need to ‘re-share’ your calendars with your family and friends in Windows Live Calendar.

Shared Windows Live Calendar in Microsoft Outlook

I have been playing with with Windows Live Calendar a bit last week, and looks really robust, the tight integration with Microsoft Outlook should help users become easily familiarized with the service. All you need to install is the Office Outlook Connector which is a part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite.


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25 responses to “Reminder: Windows Live Calendar is coming soon!

  1. Jef

    So I\’m hoping this means we are closer to getting Mobile Sync of Live Calendar? It\’s still a glaring hole in the whole suite that I can\’t sync it with my WinMo Device. I hate having to use Google Calendar just because it syncs via ActiveSync….

  2. Chris

    The desktop version that ships with mail, is way washed out. I hope in the next version, it will look a lot more like the web version.

  3. Andre

    I am also hoping the Windows Live Team will step up to the table and offer seamless integration with Windows Mobile. A Windows Mobile conference is coming up soon, maybe we will hear more info there.

  4. Chris

    That makes scene… Anything that involves being on the go, (internet services too) should be integrated with one and another.

  5. Andre

    Thats really the initiative of Windows Live though, using software plus services to really bridge the gap between information and devices. But its really just starting to come together, thats why Live Mesh and Sync are two key technologies to watch.

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