Talking about Windows Live Messenger update notice

The Windows Live Team has released a new update to Windows Live Messenger 2009 which was released as a part of Windows Live Essentials in January.
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26 responses to “Talking about Windows Live Messenger update notice

  1. لــعــيــونــ سـلام ك


  2. Andre

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. rehman

    we have id in homail messenger,but we con,t to opern window live,when i sign up,then i receive messege erroer code 80048820extended errer code 80048412.

  4. martha murillo

    hi i have alot problem to get my email and not just that i can not talk to my friends any more what is wrong with this new messenger i know i need to update please give me the right one. thank\’s martha

  5. Winnie

    How do you keep Windows Live Messenger from popping up when logging onto computer? I don\’t us Windows Live and would like to delete it. Please advise.

  6. ชวลิต

    I\’m happy everyone can solved!!!!! Windows Live messenger….____________________________________________________________________________________Chawalit I.IT ConsultantPhuket Butler Co., LTD“We Serve You Everything”Facebook : Property:

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