Windows Live Hotmail – New Improvements!

Greeted by a new Welcome Screen today when I went to, users can expect some welcome changes to Hotmail.

  • More room for messages. We moved the banner ad to the side so you can see more messages listed in your inbox.
  • Ever-growing storage. Our storage grows with you, so you don’t have to worry about whether to save a message or delete it.
  • Info at your fingertips. One click while you’re writing a message adds videos and pictures from the web.


    The New Hotmail Interface

    I absolutely love the new update, the horizontal ad banner was really using up a lot of space, especially on small screens, Now I can see more mail although, I wouldn’t not having the banner at all, (Windows Live Plus) required. Its a welcome change.

    Quick Add makes it really easy to add content from the web, weather its restaurant directions or videos. It reminds me of the Clip Art Gallery in Microsoft Office applications. The Windows Live Hotmail folks should have just added support content on your hard disk so you don’t have to use the ‘Attach File or Photo’ menu.


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