What’s coming for Windows 7 Release Candidate?

Windows 7 Team Chaitanya Sareen member details some of the improvements since the Beta that are coming in the Release Candidate.

“This blog post talks about a few of the improvements that will be in our Release Candidate (RC) based upon customer feedback. There are many under the hood changes (bug fixes, compatibility fixes, performance improvements, and improvements) across the entire dev team that we just don’t have room to discuss here, but we thought you’d enjoy a taste of some changes made by three of our feature teams: Core User Experience, Find & Organize and Devices & Media.  The comments in this article come from a variety of verbatim sources, with identifying information withheld.” 

Read the entire article here

The changes are too numerous to mention here, which include under the hood, user interface, new keyboard shortcuts, better compatibility with devices and applications make this milestone in the Windows 7 BETA well anticipated. I am looking forward to giving it a spin when its released.


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