App-V support for Windows 7 is here

The Microsoft App-V folks are really listening, after having some early hiccups with the App-V beta for Vista and getting to submit my rants about my experiences with setting up the product, I got some good and bad news today from the Windows 7 Team Blog. One issue in particular for me was, no support for the Windows 7 BETA, but that’s changed today Oh the bad news? Its for subscribers of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) :

“Our MDOP customers have told us that they want to see Windows 7 Support for Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) so that they can move ahead with their application testing for enterprise deployments of Windows 7 early on. We heard you loud and clear. Today we are announcing the availability of App-V 4.5 CU1 with support for the Windows 7 Beta.”

Learn more here

Register and Download the BETA here

Check out my rant feedback about the App-V beta here

MED-V still needs a lot of work, it needs to be more cohesive. It needs to focus on the user experience. It needs to support Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bit. The requirements need to be more prepared. I should not be downloading additional software to get this thing up and running. Setup is still frustrating, I expected a product like this to come ready to go, I discovered I needed to downloaded .NET 2.0 and not just any .NET 2.0, I had to get the one with SP1. I gave up on it immediately, it was just not a straightforward experience. I wish it was just a process of loading the Virtual Machine/Workspace, installing the appropriate environment to run your desired software and done.

The only thing the user should have to worry about is the legacy Windows environment they plan on running this in. Have everything ready set to go. Have a straight forward installation.
1. Setup
2. Select your environment for Legacy app
3. Install
4. Done
5. Install Legacy app without any problems


My Thoughts on Upgrade Eligibility to Windows 7


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