Windows Live: The Spam Issue – Its putting a damper on the Service

Its beginning to reach a point now I have to wonder, what is the Windows Live Team really doing about Spam on the Windows Live Network? As a heavy user of platform services such as Windows Messenger and Windows Live Spaces I am being bombarded daily by Windows Live Invitations and Comment Spam. Echoing Brandon LeBlanc’s recent post about how this is unacceptable, I think it has gone on for too long now. I can’t be going to my inbox everyday to clear out Live Invitation Spam emails, decline Live Messenger network invitations and delete Live Space spam comments.

Windows Live Invitation spam above, comment spam Windows Live Spaces below.


The two above are examples of what I am constantly encountering across my blog. Its a hard decision to make at times to decline and report these persons as spam, because I am not sure if there is a genuine person who might want to communicate with me beyond my blog. I have made friendships through my Live Space with persons I find interesting and fun to chat with. But the current barrage of spam has really made that impossible. I really wish there was more I could do in terms of controlling this problem. My suggestion is, let me block certain regions of the world accessing my space. It sounds harsh, but I believe it would reduce the invitation spam and the comment spam on my Live Space, especially from China. As you can see in the invitation, the domain these invites are coming from is ‘’ while they are the same domains that generate a lot of comment spam on my Windows Live Space. As I type this, I have received another 3 useless spamming invitations, which leads me to the other topic.

Uh, who are you?

Here is another problem Brandon pointed out – the ‘I don’t know you, so why are you inviting me to your network’ issue. Its really puzzling, if you want to communicate, just use my blog or my Profile Page.’ I don’t know if its the philosophy of other social networks such as My Space, Hi5 Networks or Facebook that individuals new to Windows Live Network are following by having the most friends as possible. Please, don’t bring it here, its what I have been trying to escape from the other services. If you add me to your Network or if I add you, its got to be for a reason, maybe I want interact with you and share interest. I don’t want to visit an empty profile like the one above. If you admire my blog and you just want to say ‘hi’ or ‘thank you’, you can use the Profile Page or leave a comment on one of my blog post.


The Issue of Windows Live, Privacy and Spam


The Amount of Windows Live Invitation Spam is Unacceptable


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71 responses to “Windows Live: The Spam Issue – Its putting a damper on the Service

  1. James

    I would have to agree with you. Spam is becoming a nuisance to using the Windows Live services. I\’m getting more spam everyday. The Windows Live team has done a great job but must do something to curb this problem.

  2. Brien

    I consider myself very lucky. I\’ve had zero email spam, zero comment spam, and only a handful of annoying come ons in private messages and Messenger invitations. It would be helpful to figure out why some of us get so few and some get so many. If we could figure out the difference, maybe we could figure out a strategy for preventing it. For example, I know that spiders crawl the web looking for addresses. This isn\’t highly technical and maybe I only dream it\’s effective, but I put out my address as me @ with spaces around the @. I never put my address on a web page as That\’s an invitation to get SPAM – besides, mailto links don\’t work for web based mail.My larger complaint is that when phishing attempts hit my employer\’s user base and the addresses to collect the information are at Live, the abuse team refuses to deal with it. They change the subject and demand irrelevant information. Oh, well. The service is very nice in many other ways.

  3. Tracey

    Hey Andre, l saw your blog through a friend\’s comments. l\’m not technically getting spam. No adds. But the amount of invites from strangers with no info on their profiles and no spaces is absurd. l think l have it traced to: l put some pics on my space of an actor–now my space is on goggle. Lots of invites in other languages. The only way l could deal with it was to turn off anybody being able to invite me. Also PM\’s only from extended network. Now l\’m getting more messages on my profile notes, which is preferable. l wish that it took more effort to extend invites. Right now, all one has to do is click "Add to network" from any page. People don\’t even have to come to our profile pages to do it.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Andre,I just did a search to see if anybody else in Windows Live, besides me, was complaining about Spam, and I found your post in the Clubhouse. I came her to wish you luck, and I see that you have spam in your comment. Spammers have a sense of humor! They like to spam my spam blogs too. Good luck. Check out my latest blog on Spam in Windows Live:!25A0033DD834DD1D!12756.entryX

  5. Unknown

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