Just a Note: ‘Send Feedback’ link not on Windows 7 7048 window Title Bars

Kenneth Pennington, who left a comment on my post about Windows 7 build 7048, pointed me to something I overlooked in the changes to the OS’s interface in this build update – no ‘Send Feedback’ on the title bar. Last year at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2008, Steven Sinofsky emphasized the ‘Send Feedback’ option which the Windows Team uses for telemetry purposes to analyze and improve different areas of the OS based on customer input.

The ‘Send Feedback’ tool is still in Windows 7 7048located on the Desktop or from the Control Panel. The Release Candidate milestone which Windows 7 is said to be currently at, is really about wrapping things up and gives the hint of a possible build that could become the final ‘Release to Manufacturing’ product. So the removal would be justified since no more changes will be made to the user interface at this stage of development.

Could things be winding down?


Windows 7 build 7048 screenshots hit the net


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13 responses to “Just a Note: ‘Send Feedback’ link not on Windows 7 7048 window Title Bars

  1. Kristan

    This could have been turned off using the Windows Registry Editor.

  2. Andre

    Are you suggesting its fake Kris? Well, its one heck of elaborate hoax, from new icons, to MCE improvements, seems like too much work. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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