Windows 7 build 7048 screenshots hit the net

German enthusiast website, provides screenshots of the latest leaked Windows 7 build: 7048.0.winmain.090219-1845. Rumour is 7048 is expected to be the Release Candidate build that technical testers will receive before the operating system is finalized.

This recent build features some small improvements which WinFuture points out such as a:

  • More intense glowing of the Windows Start button.

Windows Media Player 12 icon Windows 7 (left), Windows Vista (right)

  • New icons for Paint, Sticky Notes, Calculator and Media Player which is lighter in colour.

Paint in build 7048

Paint in build 7000

  • Paint has a new Edit colours toolbar button, I actually like Edit colors button in build 7000, you will also notice that the File menu is a much darker blue, buttons such as Crop, Resize, Rotate are now labelled, Shapes displays a Gallery preview, along with fill and outline options.

New Library organization options in Windows 7 build 7048

Previously in build 7000 in released in January

  • Simplified header in Libraries for organizing information, the ‘Arrange by’ button is now placed to the extreme left while adding Library locations is moved to the extreme right under the Library name.
  • Alt-Tab now supports Aero Peek.
  • Windows Media Center has a new welcome screen featuring various multimedia artwork that surrounds devices such as your digital camera and television.
  • New sample wallpapers.

Windows 7 is pretty much in a stage of fit and finish based on these early glimpses of build 7048. The OS has been very stable since the first beta and my daily use is a testament to that. I am anticipating the arrival of Release Candidate with great enthusiasm! – Windows 7 Build 7048 screenshots here


What’s coming for Windows 7 Release Candidate?


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23 responses to “Windows 7 build 7048 screenshots hit the net

  1. Kenneth

    Here are some more build <a href="">7048 screenshots</a>. It is VERY interesting that the Send Feedback feature is gone. I wonder if this means anything significant

  2. Unknown

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