Confirmed: Office 14 will support Windows XP

An interesting article over at Business Insider, discussing Microsoft’s decision to continue supporting Windows XP with the Office 14 upgrade expected next year.

Chris said:

Our install base of Office 2003 and 2007 is actually quite quite high in enterprises even if XP is what most enterprises are still using on their PCs.  We’re looking at XP [for Office 14] with some service pack.  We don’t think it makes sense to require only Windows 7 with a new version of Office.

Read the entire article here

I personally don’t find Microsoft’s decision all that surprising, especially with the case of Windows XP still remaining strong after 8 years on the market. Microsoft Office has always been known as a product to support generations of Windows behind the latest version. Take for example, Office 2000, you could run it on Windows ME, 2000, 98 SE, 98, NT 4 and 95.

Microsoft has not set any specific date pertaining to the next release, but recent leaked screenshots have shown its still a work in progress. Microsoft is also hard at work on the next version of Exchange Server, code name ‘Exchange 14’ the Company’s Mail and Collaboration system.


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