Beauty abundant in Windows 7 build 7048 Wallpapers

If you think Windows Vista had some of the best wallpapers with beautiful scenery from around the world, wait until see what is coming in Windows 7. Well, you don’t even have to wait, thanks to the recent leak of Windows 7 build 7048 a couple days ago, sites have dissected and now extracted some very gorgeous Desktop Wallpapers. Microsoft has focused more on making Windows 7 more culturally aware and fit the users personality more, a point made in the Windows 7 Reviewers Guide:

Globally Relevant
People around the world use and enjoy Windows,
and all of them want to feel like Windows was made
for them—to reflect how they represent dates, their
local currency, and even their local culture. Windows 7
provides a locally relevant, culturally appropriate
experience for a broad range of geographies worldwide.

Culturally Relevant Desktop
Windows 7 has new desktop styles tailored to different
regions and languages, with special wallpapers, sounds,
and Aero Glass colors to provide a more locally relevant
experience. In addition, Internet Explorer favorites and RSS
feeds are pre-populated, making you feel right at home.”

Windows 7 Personalize your PC with Localized Themes

Windows 7 will not just stop at the disk when its released, users can create their own Slide show themes and download additional ones from Microsoft’s Windows 7 website here

Windows 7 Enthusiast Website, Windows 7 Center has a gallery up with some of the latest wallpapers included in build 7048, you can find that here


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