Windows 7 – Bringing back the 90’s

I was watching a segment on MSNBC’s Count Down with Keith Olbermann about a lot of cosmic 1990’s that’s taking place lately, first there is news of Michael Jackson doing a come back and key character stars from the hit comedy series Seinfeld will be appearing together on Curb Your Enthusiasm, now Windows 7 bringing back retro Windows icons from the early 90’s. You might be saying what the heck am I talking about? Well, with the recent release, ahem, leak of Windows 7 build 7048, some new features and improvements have been revealed. New icons have also been introduced for standard Windows applications and components such as, Calculator, Control Panel and Paint. Take a look at the following comparison:

Pain Brush (circa Windows 3x left), Paint (Windows 7 2010)

Ok, so they are not exactly identical, but they do share some passing characteristics, such as the iconic (no pun intended), artist palette board with the accented Paint brush. The old Paint Brush icon is a little more artistically interesting because of the Paint brush piercing through the Palette hole. Personally, I never found a problem with the Vista design of this icon which was very aesthetically well done featuring realism and perspective. The new Windows 7 Paint icon is more reminiscent in color texture to Windows XP icons which were more about telling the user its purpose instead of trying mighty hard to reflect real life objects. Anyway you put it, its just an icon.


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27 responses to “Windows 7 – Bringing back the 90’s

  1. Jeremy

    I like the newer icon…..New leaked build? I\’m still on the leaked 7000 build which I use on my VM. 😛

  2. Andre

    Yep, recently leaked, there are numerous post 7000 builds that leaked to the Internet since January. Personally, I am waiting out, I want to have something I can send feedback about and test approved build to build upgrades with 7000 (beta) to Release Candidate.

  3. Jeremy

    Yeah. I had been thinking about a dual-boot with Win7, but I bet I\’ll wait until Comodo Internet Security and GeSWall are compatible. And that maybe awhile before they officially are.

  4. Andre

    I am using the free Kaspersky beta for Windows 7, works just fine. I am on Vista now still, when I do the upgrade to RC, I will have remove my installation of Syamtec EndPoint 11.0.

  5. Jeremy

    I don\’t want to rely on any signature-based security programs…CIS has D+ (a good HIPS) and GeSWall is a great isolator-type program.

  6. Andre

    Well I am not much of an expert when it comes to security solutions. I have read good reports about Kaspersky and its recommended by the Windows 7 beta so I went with it.

  7. Chris

    at first I didnt like the new icon, but now that I saw a larger shot of it. I\’m liking it. I dont get whats so hard about a icon that looks like a real life object.

  8. Andre

    Part of the reason for updating the icons too I believe is that the Windows Team wants emphasize that the applications themselves have been overhauled. Paint and the new Calculator with its moded UI. The Paint icon in particular is more self explanatory too.

  9. Chris

    Good catch. I wonder what the word pad icon will look like. a HQ spiral notebook paper with a pen or something. I\’m just hopeing they wont make everything look cartoon-ish

  10. Andre

    Its most likely gonna have a pen beside it or some new perspective or yellow notebook style leaves.

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