New sound schemes in Windows 7 build 7048

More information continues to be revealed about the recently leaked pre-RC Windows 7 build, 7048, the latest: new Sound Schemes. Windows 7 Enthusiast Website Using Windows 7 shows a list box with a collection of 13 new sound schemes that are also related the new Windows 7 cultural themes.

Windows 7 build 7048 (above), Windows Vista Ultimate (below)

Learn more here


Beauty abundant in Windows 7 build 7048 Wallpapers


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23 responses to “New sound schemes in Windows 7 build 7048

  1. Jeremy

    I can\’t wait for Windows 7…I wonder if it will be received like Vista or not. hmmm.

  2. Andre

    Base on the positive reviews and feedback so far, Windows 7 surpasses Vista in quality on certain key areas, performance in particular will be one that many users will welcome. I have been using Windows 7 since build 6801 and it just keeps getting better.

  3. Jeremy

    The only thing I found out about it that I didn\’t like was the fact that it even though it was light, Windows used 10+ GB\’s. But in this age of 1TB HDD\’s, that isn\’t toooo much. 🙂

  4. Chris

    Nice. I wonder if the sounds window will at all be updated in windows 7 to the new control panel layout

  5. Andre

    Windows is used by over a billion people. Microsoft is trying to provide the best experience possible for everyone. A lot of the storage is needed for things like your printer, graphics and other peripherals and because of wide range of devices, Windows carries a lot more than we all would like, but they are very handy when you need them. As you note, in a day and age of 500 GB and 1 TB hard disks, this shouldn\’t be much of a problem. I have been running Windows 7 on a 25 GB partition and I am not as cramped as I thought I would be.Chris, one of the things I hoped for in Windows 7 was a consolidation of dialog windows where parts of the system like the Control Panel Sound item would be an Explorer window instead. Looks like its not gonna happen for this release.

  6. Jeremy

    Well I have some experience with "vLite" (something to cut down on your Windows Installation and CD), and I can see the MS adds unnecessary stuff to the installation. What would be best is to have an installer which, if wanted, you could choose your components.

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