Just a note: More Windows 7 build 7057 screenies surface

Enthusiast are digging through the latest build of Windows 7 leaked to the web and are already displaying some of the recent changes that have been made. Here are a couple so far. The EULA currently states ‘Release Candidate 1’, could this also suggest that Microsoft is also holding a RC2 card close to the vest?

Windows 7 is reaching that special stage of development

Beautiful account pictures.

The latest build includes some beautiful account pictures that are just vibrant and stunning in detail, not to mention culturally aware. The Windows Team is focussing strongly on personality and connection, the new Welcome Screen reveals this, which some persons are already panning as too messy. One disappointment I have noticed is the lack in enhancing the Aero Basic theme. I hope this theme gets updated with a better looking Taskbar color, the bluish/silver appearance is a bit of a turn off.


Windows Build 7057 Leaked – New Welcome Screen?


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52 responses to “Just a note: More Windows 7 build 7057 screenies surface

  1. Andy

    I agree on the Aero basic theme. My test laptop doesn\’t have the GPU needed for Aero and everything works fine BUT the basic theme is so blah and unappealing. Or give us the option to choose the color mix or some alternate set of color mixes.

  2. Andre

    Yup, I think they should at least keep the far appearance similar to Windows Vista.

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