Windows 7 Editions – More detailed information

Jeff Alexander provides more detailed information about what’s included in each of the Windows 7 editions, along with their target audience.

In February we announced the final list of the different editions of Windows 7 that will be available.  As I’ve been travelling around talking to IT Pro’s there has been a lot of discussion around this topic.  An din particular what version is right for me and what features will be in that version.  So first up there will be 6 editions of Windows 7.

  • Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

So the obvious first question is what market are each of these targeted at?  The slide below gives you a quick overview.

Learn more here

Another slide on Jeff’s blog details feature by feature what you get in each SKU. Unfortunately Home Basic will not be receiving Aero Glass and the advanced window navigation features in higher tier SKUs such as Thumbnail Previews and Desktop Preview. Other features that will not be included included no Home Group support (how ironic), and no DVD Playback support. I also think Microsoft is making mistake by not including Windows Complete PC Backup in Home Basic and Home Premium.


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36 responses to “Windows 7 Editions – More detailed information

  1. Jeremy

    So much for the hope that MS was going to make it easy to choose OS versions. 😛

  2. Andre

    Well, they are in some respects, but do agree, I wish there could just be Home and Professional. But, we can take comfort in the strategy they are using by focusing mainly on Home Premium and Professional in mainstream markets while Home Basic and Starter for emerging markets. My understanding is Ultimate will becoming more of an OEM product.

  3. Michael

    I don\’t understand what\’s so hard about those choices Jeremy.Home premium will be targeted at most Consumer users in non-emerging markets. Starter will be for folks who want to take a cheaper route. they\’ll be able to purchase additional features as needed.Small businesses and large enterprises that don\’t want SA lockins to microsoft can go with professional, while enterprises with more demanding needs can go with Enterprise.Personally this is smart marketing. If you want to keep costs down, then one size does not fit all.

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