Windows Live Invitations – The Domain’s I block but keep getting invites from

The spam invites keep pouring in! I have put together a list of some of the Top Level Domains I keep getting Windows Live invites from, regardless I have blocked these Domain’s using Hotmail’s Blocked Senders setting, but its just not working. Here are some of the notorious domains I have blocked but still keep on getting spam from:,,,,,, Thats just the tip of the ice berg.

Some of the well known senders of Windows Live Invitation spam

The spam issue issue getting very frustrating. I can’t be going to my inbox every morning just to be spending most of my time trying to clear out spam and trying to tell who is not a spammer. The Blocked senders is obviously not working. If you have any tips about how to control this increasing problem with Windows Live, please feel free to share.


To the Hotmail Team – your Junk Filter is not working
Windows Live: The Spam Issue – Its putting a damper on the Service
The Issue of Windows Live, Privacy and Spam
The Amount of Windows Live Invitation Spam is Unacceptable
CNET: Microsoft ranked fifth worst spam service ISP


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3 responses to “Windows Live Invitations – The Domain’s I block but keep getting invites from

  1. Mike

    I almost get a couple spam a day and there\’s not much we can do. It might be a good idea to bring this up in the Live@Edu group or Windows Live group.

  2. Unknown


  3. Terry

    I came here looking for a way to way to block the dozens of WL invitations I get daily and blocking the domain doesn\’t work. Looking at the contents of the majority of comments on this post, I see that the situation is totally out of control and seemingly hopeless. I have been a hotmail/live user forever but if this doesn\’t stop soon, hello GMAIL! Come on Microsoft, get off of your arse and do something about this untenable situation!

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