Microsoft Office ‘14’ to include native 64-bit support?

Ed Bott of ZDNET ‘Microsoft Report’, blogged about his finding’s in the latest leaked build of Windows 7, build 7057 and some interesting developments have surfaced concerning the next version of Microsoft’s productivity suite ‘Office 14’

You learn the most interesting things when you poke around in some of the arcane files that are included with Windows 7 beta releases. In the most recent build of Windows 7 that I’ve been able to examine, I’ve confirmed that Microsoft plans to release its next version of Office in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. That’s a detail that my colleague Mary Jo Foley didn’t discover in her December 2008 rundown of what we know about Office 14.

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Is it surprising, not really? Welcome? Maybe. Considering that more machines are coming preloaded with 8 GB’s of RAM these days and post Windows 7 you will be seeing a lot more I can understand the reasoning behind making ‘Office 14’ include native 64 bit support. I see applications in the suite such as Excel, Access and Outlook gaining increased performance and speed from being native 64 bit. Ed, provides an XML source list showing all the applications that will be 64 bit, looks like a majority will be. Of course, a 64 bit version of Word is not going make you type or save a document any faster. But if you are working with complex/technical documents that contain a lot graphics and hundreds or even thousands pages, you will definitely see a boost to your productivity work flow. This will probably even open up Microsoft Word to competition in a market dominated by well known high end word processing programs such as Adobe FrameMaker and Corel’s Ventura Publisher which are designed specifically for technical document creation such as manuals. Microsoft recently confirmed that Office 14 will support Windows XP.


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