The Faucet continues to leak – Windows 7 build 7070 takes the stage

Yesterday I blogged about the preview of Windows 7 build 7068 by a Microsoft Employee Shinobu Takahashi, now someone’s dad who works at Microsoft according to a posting on the forum Facepunch forums via Arstechnica talks about the availability of the latest build in addition to many more with some being considered for Release Candidate.

“I just came back from Microsoft, since my Dad works there. He works for in the SQL server division and here are some screenshots I took about the new build 7070. I don’t know if there is anything new to this build, but they installed it yesterday, so it probably will be leaked soon. They said it was a major update; maybe not to the user interface but more to the Kernel. Just letting you guys know :P"

Windows 7 build 7070 (click to enlarge)

This build doesn’t seem to introduce any new changes, except for reported improvements to the NT kernel. The screenshots seem to have been taken remotely from an employee PC, which is really a risky move by the individual considering that confidential data could have been exposed. Microsoft is expected to make the escrow build available to technical testers in April along with a speculated Release Candidate build to the public in late May.

I don’t know about you, but this is most times I have seen Windows builds in the products development! 🙂


Arstechnica: First screenshots of build 7070 leak, RC-Escrow coming
Facepunch Forums


Preview Screenshot of Windows 7 build 7068 shows new Desktop Gadgets?
Just a note: More Windows 7 build 7057 screenies surface
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New sound schemes in Windows 7 build 7048
Beauty abundant in Windows 7 build 7048 Wallpapers


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