Windows Live Team – Please! Do something about the Invitation SPAM!

This is what I am seeing everyday when I log into Windows Live Messenger

I am imploring the Windows Live Team to do something about this obnoxious problem. Blocking and ignoring is counter productive. I cannot do this every time I log into Windows Live Messenger. Its frustrating sifting through good and spam. I am not denying that other Social Networks such as Facebook and My Space also face this issue, but not to this extent.


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45 responses to “Windows Live Team – Please! Do something about the Invitation SPAM!

  1. Jeremy

    I\’m not getting much yet, but I haven\’t been "active" for so long. Yes, I agree. WL needs much better spam protection. Maybe a captcha every time 3 invites/PM\’s are sent would help….

  2. Andre

    If I could block out China it would make a great difference, lol! 🙂

  3. Peter

    Better protection, required better filtering and better placed, I mean Options, more options, Automatically sort e-mail into folders????? This should be a single button/click Filter Out – small window opens Yes/No, Placed next the Print button….. Here’s an idea, call it “Trash” with an icon like say a TRASH CAN!!!!!

  4. Aaron

    I\’m getting about 20 a week.While on myspace i\’ll get a couple a month.And i never get any on facebook at all!

  5. Andre

    Its getting ridiculous Aaron. And comment spam on Live Spaces is another issue.

  6. Elisa Vichara

    i got 111 invitations today, its the worst thing ever. Msn is the worst.

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