Microsoft Office ‘14’ now Office 2010 – I don’t think so, not yet

Zack Whittaker of ZDNET iGeneration reveals that Microsoft has branded internal builds of Microsoft Office 14 to Microsoft Office 2010. I am a bit suspect about this, especially considering that Office 14 is not even at a stage for official beta yet. Especially with the recently leaked alpha screens which shows some interesting changes expected, Zacks source does not portray a believable case of Microsoft making any final decisions about branding for the next version of Microsoft’s Office suite yet.

“The codename, “Office 14″, which my colleague Mary-Jo Foley has covered extensively, skipped the “13″ because Microsoft were supposedly suspicious and equally superstitious around the connotations associated with the number.

Although it’s not much to go on, and no build numbers were included with the email, the following splash screen was attached of a “recent build”, according to the Microsoft source.”

Read the entire article here

Office 14 – Office 2010 application splash screen?

As someone who has tested pre-release versions of Office since Office XP (code name Office 10), the nomenclature is usually not finalized until around BETA 2. Although its easy to guess a year. Microsoft used Office 10 until beta 2 when it was renamed Office XP. Prior to that, names such as Office 2001 and Office 2002 were being considered.

Office 11 didn’t get its final name Office 2003 until beta 2. Splash screens prior to beta 2, displayed Word 11, Excel 11 etc. Office 2003 was finalized in August of 2003.

Microsoft Office Word 2007

The same applied to Office 12 which was renamed Office 2007 at beta 2 which was finalized in November of 2006.

Other ways to prove this is fake, I am not aware Microsoft using “Technical preview” in the branding anywhere on alpha versions of Office software in the past. Also, the splash screen in this post displays a "Starting" indicator – pointless. I have been using Word since version 6, and no time in history has Office applications needed any progress indicators. Word only uses about 8 MBs of RAM idle!

Next, what’s up with the Minimize and Close buttons on a splash screen? Even if you say its the About dialog, leaked Alpha Office 14 screenshots prove very different with a very radical About UI update.

Last but not least. When it comes to branding, Microsoft brands its Office apps:

Microsoft Office [application name] version ie. Microsoft Office Word 2010.

Rumours hint that Microsoft is expected to release the first beta of Office 14 sometime this summer with a final release expected sometime in early 2010.


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40 responses to “Microsoft Office ‘14’ now Office 2010 – I don’t think so, not yet

  1. Chris

    I can see it being as the 2010 verson, but I say the screenie is fake.

  2. Andre

    Not denying that it could be Office 2010. But the Office Team is probably nowhere near finalizing branding aspects of Office 14. Based on the leaked screenshots, I think we are while out before we know if its Office Word 2010 or not. I just like sensational stories looking for page hits. The person could have at least done some research. I look at the Word and Outlook splash screens everyday enough to know when somethings a fake. Word 12 even used the same 2003 splash screens up until about beta 2 I believe.

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