Windows 7 build 7106 appears

Not surprised, but I am beginning to like the idea of keeping track of builds that are available outside the beta program. The latest build to make its way on the web, presented by popular Windows 7 enthusiast website Windows 7 News, reveals nothing new except for being Chinese through and through.

Windows 7 build 7106 (click to enlarge)

The screenshot is showing a Chinese version of Windows 7. The build number is clearly visible from various system screens. The build string is 6.1.7106.0.winmain.090408-1623 and both the 32-bit and 64-bit edition seem to have leaked.

If the release is real it will appear on various P2P networks sooner or later. Stay tuned for updates.

Learn more here

Microsoft is expected to make available the well anticipated Release Candidate sometime in May. I have already prepped one of my systems for the update. Running Windows 7 build 7000 since January has left me highly impressed by its performance, respectable stability for a beta product and innovative additions such as the improved Taskbar, Jump List, Search Scopes and Desktop Effects such as Preview, Slideshow and themes in addition to many other features like cleaner design, in addition to simplified networking with Home Groups, Libraries, quicker access to wireless networks and even improved compatibility.


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Getting your PC ready for Windows 7 Release Candidate


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