Screenshot of Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Just caught this over at Using Windows blog, a screenshot of Outlook 2010 showing the new threaded message view:


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

As you can see Outlook 2010 supports the new Office Fluent UI, along with new features that will take advantage of Exchange Server 2010 such as the following:

  • Built-in e-mail archive
  • View Emails in Conversation thread
  • Ignore Conversation, which allows users to mute an e-mail thread they are not interested in.
  • MailTips-  warns users before they send an e-mail if a particular recipient is out of the office and unavailable or warns users if the email is to be sent to a distribution group that is very large or includes recipients external to the company or warns if they are going to send an attachment outside their company’s firewall. MailTips will not be available on Windows Phones
  • Text previews of voicemails in Outlook
  • Tracks whether messages arrived with recipients

You can download the Exchange Server 2010 beta here

For more information about the new features included in Exchange 2010 have a read here at the Technet site of Microsoft.



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