Windows Live Hotmail- now with Web Messenger

I don’t think I would have seen this one if I wasn’t reading CNET, where I learnt that Windows Live Hotmail now includes Web Messenger. Prior to this new functionality, users accessed MSN Web Messenger by going to Now you can access it right from within the Windows Live Mail web page beside the Options link.

Signing into Web Messenger

Once signed in, you can manage your status and start communicating with your contacts. The only bummer is, it changes the Hotmail page to your Live Contacts, I would appreciate if it had opened this in a different window or tab.

Status menu in Windows Live Hotmail with Web Messenger

You can start a conversation from within the People contact list pop out menu. Web Messenger even provides toast messages.

Chatting using the new Windows Live Web Messenger

Its quite basic as the previous MSN Web Messenger, but for persons who want just the fundamentals, especially at work, its a definite plus. I would have liked if could maintain the Messenger like contact window experience. I notice that working with it in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 causes some problems, I tried ungrouping the conversation window, but it refused, will try it a little later on Vista to see if its same. Its good that its utilizing the People contact list, but I don’t like the idea it automatically changes the Windows Live Hotmail page without the users consent.


Web IM in Hotmail!
Windows Live Hotmail – New Improvements!
UPDATE: Windows Live: Talking about Duplicate Entries in your What’s New Page



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