Windows 7 Starter Edition – Its not so bad after all

I just got a chance to read Ed Bott’s insightful experience with the controversial edition of Windows 7 that has been causing a lot noise lately…Starter. Apparently Starter Edition has an application limit of 3 programs open. But its not as bad as it sounds, Ed explains:

For starters, that three-app limit isn’t as cut and dried as it sounds. Several people who e-mailed me with questions assumed that the limit means you can only have three windows open at once. Nope. At the moment, in fact, I have 16 separate windows open at once (and multiple tabs within some of those windows as well).

Read the entire article here

I hope this puts a lot of the concerns to rest, I know mine are. 🙂 The only other issue is probably the unattractive Aero Basic theme which makes the OS a non-starter for me (no pun intended). I recently wrote a post about user experience improvements coming in Office 2010, which shows Microsoft cares deeply about UI and understands the end users feelings towards great UI not only as aesthetics but also as a tool that provides visual cues and ease of use. I personally am a aesthetics nut and I find the Aero Basic theme in Vista and Windows 7 distasteful, I hope Microsoft improves this theme, in fact it has even taken a step back in Windows 7 based on my experiences using it for more than a couple of months. 

Microsoft first introduced Starter Edition of Windows with the release of the Windows XP operating system back in 2004, restricting it specifically to certain developing and emerging markets such as Russia, Africa and parts of Asia. The product sku under Windows XP and Vista were preloaded on new systems. Windows Starter edition includes restrictions such as being 32 bit only, Intel Celeron, Atom and AMD Sempron processors. Windows 7 is expected to continue that trend with support for mainstream markets such as the USA, especially for the currently popular Netbook form factor. Microsoft does note that all Windows 7 SKU’s will support Netbooks. Microsoft at the Professional Developers Conference 2008 displayed a Netbook running the Windows 7 Ultimate SKU with Aero Glass graphics.



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23 responses to “Windows 7 Starter Edition – Its not so bad after all

  1. Michael

    I think Starter edition is fine for people who really don\’t use/need their computers a lot, and I think it\’s great for public libraries and elementary schools to use, because it\’d be cheap and wouldn\’t allow so much customization out of the box. If you want more, you\’d obviously go for Home Premium or Business.

  2. Andre

    I fully agree Michael, in fact, the target market, Netbooks is probably best suited for Starter Edition considering that a lot of activities a user is doing on a Netbook is through the Web browser. I just think the UI could look a bit better though, but like you said, its not something you will be using a lot.

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