Configuring Libraries and your Devices

Richard H. recently did an excellent review about adding content to your Libraries in Windows 7. I just want to add some additional information I discovered when adding folders to my personal Libraries. Folders that are on a Network need to be indexed before you can start utilizing them through Libraries for functions such as Instant Search and Organization, this also applies to devices such as external hard disk. Note that, if the content is on a removable hard disk or network device, the content of the folder will only be available when the device are connected to your computer.

To make a folder available offline

In this scenario, I am indexing a folder from a computer networked with my Windows 7 PC.

When you make a network folder available offline, copies of all the files in that folder will be stored on your computer’s hard disk. Take this into consideration if the network folder contains a large number of files.

1. While connected to the network, locate the network folder that you want to make available offline.

2. Right-click the folder, and then click Always available offline.

Preparing a folder to be added to your Library

  • Note
    If you don’t see the Always available offline command, you might be using an edition of Windows 7 that doesn’t support offline files.
  • If the location contains a lot of files, it might take some time for the Library to add those files to the index.


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35 responses to “Configuring Libraries and your Devices

  1. Richard

    Andre – great follow on post to mine! I knew this was an option but I had already gotten quite long so decided to just mention it. Thanks for following up and letting everyone know about it!

  2. Andre

    No problem Richard. Thanks for the excellent article too. 🙂

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