Windows 7 Product boxes: Simple, Elegant and Informative

Polish Windows Enthusiast web site Centrum XP managed to get a hold of the possible final art work for the Windows 7 product boxes. Not much has changed since Vista, still maintaining a similar form factor. The art work does put greater emphasis on the Windows logo with a stylish design featuring nature theme elements such as a fern leaf, butterflies, snow flakes, grass and the moon bursting out and silhouetted within the logo. I do like the design because of its simplicity and focus on the brand which is Windows logo but also the continuation in color scheme branding and identity which makes it easy for consumers of either Windows XP or Vista to clearly identify their upgrade paths. It seems Microsoft will also be providing well explained Anytime Upgrade packages for persons who purchase a particular edition of Windows 7 and would like to upgrade to a higher SKU and gain more features and functionality.

Windows 7 (FPP) retail packaging


Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade packages with stylish ‘7’ numeral

Even Windows 7 Starter edition get its own Anytime Upgrade

What’s missing is Windows 7 Home Basic which Microsoft is targeting along with Windows 7 Starter to emerging markets around the world. Mainstream markets such as the US will focus primarily on Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional since those are considered to be premium SKUs. Windows 7 Ultimate will continue to be available for power users who demand both business and consumer functionality.

Easier to open

Windows 7’s packaging seems to also simplify opening the box. The Windows Vista box opens with a swing-out section that holds your DVD and manuals. The box has two security seals that need to be cut or removed before it can be opened. Windows 7 packaging seem to feature a DVD style casing which is much easier to open.


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 Thanks to Marcin for the correction!


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