Distinctive Windows 7 Branding

I recently talked about the changes in branding art the Windows 7 Product Boxes might be using. Now Microsoft Enthusiast website, Redmond Pie has discovered additional branding images related to Windows 7 with key emphasis on the numeral ‘7’ from Chinese technology website PCBeta. The beauty of this ‘7’ is very refreshing with its natural styling and soft blending with touches of linear lighting. Lets take a look:

Stylish Windows ‘7’ brand

The logo also gives a hint that previous branding particularly on the Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade could be a work in progress. I am not one for rumors and speculations, but when it comes graphics, artwork and branding, I cannot and will not resist. 🙂 I love what the folks on the Windows UX team or whoever they are in marketing are doing. Windows Enthusiast Long Zheng provided some details on the number itself:

In the spirit of hitting two birds with one stone however, not only is the box art now confirmed but the official Windows 7 mark or logo is also revealed and confirmed to be an artistic-variant of the Arabic numeral “7″ with a not-so-subtle lens flare effect. The internet will now judge.

Learn more here


Windows 7 Product boxes: Simple, Elegant and Informative



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