Office 2010 Leak hits the Street

It was only a matter of time! Microsoft Office 2010 32 and 64 bit Technical Preview have found its way on the Internet and its already downloaded and installed by some persons who are showing off some of the new UI goodness the suite has embraced. What’s particularly interesting is the strong use of the Windows Aero visuals in Office 2010 applications. Programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook feature a stronger degree of semi-transparency in the Tab menu region. The Office Galleries feature a thinner gradient similar to Windows applications that have embraced the Ribbon (Paint and WordPad).

Microsoft Word 2010 interface

Microsoft Office options

More applications in the Office family have embraced Office Fluent, program such as Visio, Publisher, Project, InfoPath now use the ribbon. I noticed in a screen of the Office 2010 programs group at Arstechnica, InfoPath has two family of applications (Designer and Editor) which Groove has dropped its name to SharePoint Workspace to reflect its tighter integration with the Team Site server software. There is also heavy use of branding color with File menus and application options featuring their respective colors. There seems to be some heavy changes to the Options area of the applications though which likely focuses on better accessibility and maintenance of the suite. Office 2010 overall does not look like a drastic departure at this stage, but its still early days and a lot can change between now and RTM. Considering that Office 12 alpha (which eventually became Office 2007) used a totally different UI compared to what showed up at beta 2. Microsoft has promised that Office 2010 will support Windows XP x86 (SP3) and x64, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Office 2010 Technical Preview Screenshots
Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Registration
Office 2010 Team Blog now up


New User Experience Improvements coming in Office 2010
Screenshot of Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
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Microsoft Office ‘14’ to include native 64-bit support?
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Ballmer: Office 14 not this year
Just a Note: A small change I noticed in Microsoft Word 14



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