A Tour of my Windows 7 Desktop

Technograns latest Clubhouse Challenge suggestion is a lovely one, but I thought, instead of just showing a picture of my desktop, why not give a grand tour? The Windows 7 Desktop puts a lot of power in your view, for Windows XP users in particular, I would like to get you up to speed on some of the improvements. I hope to make this a series of post touring the changes that have been introduced in this release. Lets see what’s new:

Click HERE to enlarge and see a bigger view of the Windows 7 Desktop Tour

Click HERE to enlarge

As we approach the final release of Windows 7 coming this October, there is a lot to expect, these early previews are just glimpses of some of the powerful capabilities users will be able to immediately taking advantage of. Windows 7 promises to truly redefine how you work with your personal information and the view from the desktop has never been more fun.


Interacting with the Windows 7 Desktop – Fun Time Savers
In depth look at the Windows 7 Taskbar and Start Menu
Windows Explorer – What’s new in Windows 7?
Networking made easy with HomeGroups in Windows 7
A Quick Look: Customizing your Windows 7 Installation


My Favorite Application I cannot do without? Hmmm



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57 responses to “A Tour of my Windows 7 Desktop

  1. Julio

    WOW!!! Great works!! It is very interesting and with much work!!! Congrats!

  2. Andre

    Thanks Julio 🙂

  3. technogran

    Wow! Love your desktop wallpapers Andre! Good detailed post as well, with pics showing just about everything that\’s useful to use in Windows 7. I am a desktop person, that is where I like everything I use to be just a \’one click\’ journey from, so Windows 7 suits me fine!

  4. Andre

    Hi Technogran, thank you very much! This was a very fun post to do!

  5. Aditya

    Nice writeup. Win 7 is turning out to be awesome.

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