Talking about The future of Windows Live Movie Maker

  What’s going on with Windows Live Movie Maker? Team member Mike Torres provides us with an update.


The future of Windows Live Movie Maker

" Hi, and welcome to post #1 about the first official release of Windows Live Movie Maker. This is a follow-up to previous posts (here and here) on this blog about the Movie Maker beta, and will give you an update on where we are. My name is Mike Torres, and I’m the Lead Program Manager on the Movie Maker team. I joined the team last fall just around the time we were finishing the beta release, and I’ve been having a blast ever since.

We’re looking forward to the official release of Windows Live Movie Maker (“v1”) later this year.  Judging from the feedback we’ve heard from people using the Movie Maker beta, we know there are lots of questions about the product, and that there’s a lot of passion around Movie Maker in general.  We want to make sure we have an ongoing conversation with you as users of the product through this blog and keep you informed and up-to-date.  Equally as important, we’re actively listening to and considering your feedback to enhance and improve Movie Maker.  We know we’re at the very beginning of a long journey with the new Movie Maker, and we look forward to sharing the details with you along the way."

Read the entire article here

Back in March I described the Live Movie Maker interface as being designed for an on the go user who is uploading videos to MSN Soap box who does not fancy details too much. Its obvious that the Movie Maker Team realize that users are creating video more for a different medium, the web. Live Movie Maker makes it convenient in such scenario’s. The Team is also listening and it sounds like it will be getting a major boost for the first version coming later this year, I look forward to it. 🙂


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65 responses to “Talking about The future of Windows Live Movie Maker

  1. Chris

    How about add time line view back. How can you "make" a movie with out knowing the time? If movie maker will just be about uploading to youtube, then rename it "Windows Live Movie Uploader".Other wise, add timeline view back and quit making things over simplified.

  2. Andre

    Its something I suggested in my review of the software. I also hope they add built in YouTube support.

  3. Michael

    It sounds like Mr. Torres is actually listening to the users. He kind of sidestepped an actual, normal timeline… it\’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. But whatever they do come up with should be released in a beta for first, I think. I also appreciate the acknowledgement that it is difficult to get customer feedback on a beta that is so feature-incomplete. All in all, they need another beta release to get real feedback.

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