Windows 7 advertised at the ‘Microsoft Store’ – Coming Soon!

The Microsoft Store has officially revealed final branding art for the Windows 7 product boxes that you will be able to pick up in retail stores. Last month a Polish Windows enthusiast website earlier revealed detailed information about each product box, which are more simple in design putting greater emphasis on the Windows logo with a stylish design featuring nature theme elements such as a fern leaf, butterflies, snow flakes, grass and the moon bursting out and silhouetted within the logo.

Preview of Windows 7 at the Microsoft store

The page highlights some of the cool new features Windows 7 offers such as: Streaming Media, Jump List, Aero Desktop Effects, HomeGroup, Windows Search and Performance improvements along with System Requirements.

Microsoft recently announced the general availability date for Windows 7, October 22nd 2009. The Windows 7 Team is expected to finalize the OS in the second half of July 2009.

Check out the Microsoft Store here


Windows 7 Product boxes: Simple, Elegant and Informative
Distinctive Windows 7 Branding


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