State of the Blog – A Little Update on Where We Are Today

Brandon Leblanc of the Windows Team Blog, gives us an update about the state of the Windows Blog and the recent additions over the past few months:

We are in an exciting time for Windows. We’re about to launch our best version of Windows yet – Windows 7. In between all the Windows 7 awesomeness, I wanted to take a moment to talk about The Windows Blog and where we are today with the site.

We’ve come a long way since 2006 when we launched as the Windows Vista Team Blog. This last fall we re-launched the site as The Windows Blog. When we re-launched, the focus of the site was to be the ultimate resource for Windows through the use of blogging – and to grow.

In the site’s design, we put an emphasis of multiple blogs existing under The Windows Blog “umbrella” that would cater to different audiences. Our original blog, Windows Vista Team Blog, became one of several blogs under that “umbrella” and we also launched the Windows 7 Team Blog which is where you will find all the latest Windows 7 news and announcements. Also in the fall, we launched the Windows Security Blog featuring blog posts focusing on Windows security from Paul Cooke. Paul blogged live from RSA earlier this year.

Read the rest here

The Windows Blog has been a great place to get the latest in news and information about the platform in its many facets. Whether its tutorials and experiences from Brandon at the Windows Experience blog, resources from  the Windows Business blog, information for developers about harnessing the benefits of Windows 7 in your applications. The Windows blog is an exceptional resource for anyone who is a Windows user.



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64 responses to “State of the Blog – A Little Update on Where We Are Today

  1. technogran

    I agree Andre, and I read all those that I am interested in via RSS so that I don\’t miss a thing!

  2. Andre

    Its amazing how it has grown since 2007. They have done a great job, and the layout is very beautiful, great site to read. 🙂

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