Upcoming Update for Windows Update

Saw this via @SecurityGarden on Twitter

Please be aware that beginning next month, we will start an upgrade to the Windows Update and Microsoft Update services. As a part of the service upgrade, an update to the Windows Update and Automatic Updates client code will be required. We will start this infrastructure update in late August, and it will take a couple of months to complete the rollout. Updates to the services and Windows code are required from time to time to maintain and improve service quality, reliability, and operations. The last update occurred in November of 2008.

This update will not change your current Windows Update or Automatic Updates settings. It will improve the user interface for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 computers running Windows Update, adding a more visible and detailed description of updates as well as improvements in how users are notified about service packs. This update will not change the look and feel of Automatic Updates.

Read the entire article here

Not sure, but this is most likely hinting of an implementation of Windows 7’s improved Windows Update explorer interface which is more detailed and manageable. I did a preview of it back in November 2008 and I am very pleased with some of the improvements that have been added. In Windows 7, there are some slight changes, mostly visual, the main Windows Update page displays a large yellow banner with information such as the amount of available updates and the total size of updates which is new. You can immediately review and download the most important updates or select only optional updates to install from the main page. You have the option also in Change Settings to Allow standard users to install updates which is something I am glad to see.


A Look at Windows Backup and Windows Update in 7



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