My Software Library and Windows 7 – Compatibility Experiences

I have been using Windows 7 pretty much full time since the alpha released to attendees at the Microsoft Public Developer Conference late October 2008. Some might say wow, you used still in development software full time? How did you manage? What about bugs? What about compatibility? I managed quite well, and regardless of the bugs that come with the territory when using software still in development, Windows 7 has ran exceptionally well since its early days up to the current Release Candidate. I have done a few articles concerning compatibility so far, but I wanted to talk about my transition from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and how my existing library of software programs are functioning on the new version of Windows.

Instead of listing them out in written text, take a look for yourself at what I am running on Windows 7. It doesn’t say if they work or not, but I will say 97% of the applications you see listed are fully compatible with Windows 7. The only programs so far I have been unable to get working properly with the latest update is Avanquest Mobile Phone Tools 4.6a on Windows 7 64-bit, the program is compatible with the 32-bit platform. I am sure the latest 5.x releases work just fine, but the phone I am using it with, a Motorola C350 is not currently compatible with 5.x releases. I have managed to work around the compatibility problems by using the phone which I use as a GPRS modem through Microsoft’s new Windows Virtual XP Mode software, which includes a subsystem for USB devices, read about my experiences here Another program that does not seem to function properly is VMware Workstation version, the issues I experienced with Mobile Phone Tools in the host OS (Windows 7 64-bit) is what I am actually experiencing with the guest operating system in VMWare. Then again, I might put VMWare to rest, since licensed customers of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate will get access to the free Virtual XP Mode software which does about all I need anyway. Customers who are loyal to VMWare won’t have to worry though, I am 100% sure the Company will provide compatibility as soon as the product is released.


The applications I have installed on Windows 7 Release Candidate

When it comes to ensuring that customers get the best experience transitioning from Windows Vista, the Windows 7 Engineering Team has done an exceptional job with this release. Windows Vista introduced fundamental changes that did result in some hiccups. With Windows 7, which has been described many times, its about bringing your investments forward and being able to take advantage of a new set of powerful experiences and productivity benefits. So, what are you running on Windows 7? What has been your experience with Windows 7 and your applications? Care to share?


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47 responses to “My Software Library and Windows 7 – Compatibility Experiences

  1. Michael

    Hey Andre, Well Met. I just downloaded W7 RC and I\’m ver happy with

  2. Jay

    Good article Andre. I\’ve been very successful with Win 7 32 bit on an older Dell Dimension and the 64 bit version on a newer Dell Inspiron laptop. Looking over your list the only item I\’ve had issues with on both machines is the Bonjour service from Apple. I recieved many Cross Thread errors so I disabled it as a service as I really don\’t need it anyway. Other than that small issue, I\’m not going back. Already ordered a couple of copies at the 1/2 price pre-sale. Win 7 is a winner without a doubt. On another note… I did try several of the beta and release candidates for AV software and decided to go with AVG as it runs seamlessly. I liked the control that Kaspersky offered for those folks who are expert and want to really drill down into the detail level with AV / Firewall protection. The mail interface was a little too cumbersome with Outlook so AVG won me over. Again, great article.

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