Windows 7 has finally RTMed! – A Look back over the past 10 months

Its a spectacular moment for the technology industry, Microsoft today announced that they have completed the most critical phase of Microsoft Windows 7’s development "Release to Manufacturering". Here is what Microsoft President for Windows, Steven Sinofsky had to say about this major event:

Today marks an important milestone in the Windows 7 project. The Windows 7 team is proud to share with you that a short while ago we have started to release Windows 7 to PC OEM and manufacturing partners. This means our next major milestone will be the availability of PCs loaded with Windows 7 and store shelves stocked with Windows 7 on October 22, 2009.

Steven Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer at MGX in Atlanta. Steve Ballmer holding a gold RTM disc

This is a milestone we could not have achieved without the broad participation across the PC Ecosystem we have talked so much about on this blog. Windows 7 is a product not just of Microsoft, but of a whole industry of partners of all kinds. Throughout the development of Windows 7 we’ve seen an incredible engagement from so many people that have contributed to making the Windows 7 engineering project one we, collectively, feel good about. The feedback and collaboration throughout the development of Windows 7 has been outstanding and valuable beyond measure. This work has created the kind of experience so many of you have talked about in this blog—the ability to use a broad range of PC hardware and peripherals with a great setup and out of box experience. On behalf of the Windows team and all of the successful installations and device connections, please let me extend an incredible “thank you” to all of our hardware partners who have done such excellent work….

On behalf of the Windows 7 engineering team we want to thank you very much for your contributions throughout development and your contributions yet to come to Windows 7. THANK YOU!

Next stop, October 22, 2009!

–The Windows 7 team

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Since we have reached this amazing day that the industry has been waiting patiently for so long, lets, take a trip down memory lane:

RTM Build Number:

Windows 7 RTM Launch Video here

Build 6801: Windows 7 Technical Preview
Build 7000: Windows 7 Technical Beta
Build 7100: Windows 7 Release Candidate

Windows 7 Articles:

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Playing with Windows Media Player 12

I look forward to continue sharing my experiences with so many of you who have visited my blog over the past 10 months to learn about Windows 7 and the major benefits it has to offer. This was definitely one of the smoothest beta releases of Windows yet, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS must go out to the Windows 7 Team and Windows Server 2008 R2 Team for completing this mammoth task. Its not easy to enhance a product for 1.2 billion customers world wide. Windows 7 is a testament to excellent software engineering and I definitely looking forward to upgrading all my systems to it this coming October! Stay tuned for the Windows 7 RTM Review which I am in the progress of preparing. 🙂




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