The improved Windows Live Movie Maker coming is HOT!

The folks over at Windows Live enthusiast LiveSide web site managed to get a hold of some of the major improvements that are coming in the next update to the new Windows Live Movie Maker first introduced with this years release of Windows Live Essentials. Persons have complained about the lack in functionality and some favorites missing from its predecessor Windows Movie Maker 6. The Windows Live Movie Maker Team seem to have listened and I am seeing some lovely engineering take place:

Enhanced Live Movie Maker with more visual effects.

Notable enhancements:

  • “AutoMovie” – which will automatically “add titles, credits, transitions, and effects, and fits it all together for you.
  • Contextual Video and Music Tabs.
  • Dozens of new animations, transitions and visual effects will also be available.
  • Direct upload to YouTube instead, built-in right out-of-the-box.

New AutoMovie for creating quick movies on the fly

There is still no timeline, but the Live Movie Maker folks are said to be working on something like it. I’m interested to see how this will substitute such a reliable feature. But I am so far impressed with what I am seeing in these early screenshots. Can’t wait to try it out!

Check out addition screenshots at here


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80 responses to “The improved Windows Live Movie Maker coming is HOT!

  1. technogran

    Sounds like the Movie Maker team are aiming for an easy to use application that all users can get to grips with Andre! I certainly applaud the use of the Ribbon interface, and it looks really cool! I can\’t wait to get my hands on it to be honest. (I\’m nearly as excited about Wave 4 as I am about Windows 7! Haven\’t we tons of stuff to look forward to in October!

  2. Andre

    Its definitely gearing up to be a great Fall Season Technogran, really impressed with the changes they have made so far. 🙂

  3. JodieM

    One thing that I hate about WL Movie Maker is that it would not import the .MOV files out of my camera by default, whereas Windows Movie Maker does. Will that be fixed in this new release? Thanks

  4. Andre

    I am not sure Jodie M, hopefully it will be.

  5. Marcin

    And that is the BEST BEST BEST information for me 🙂

  6. Andre

    LOL, we just have to work with that until we get the code this fall Marcin. 🙂

  7. Black

    I have tried downloading the WL Movie Maker and it will not allow me.

  8. Sherry and Gleb

    It better be MUCH better then the WLMM Beta. The current Beta is atrocious — no timeline, can\’t handle many file types, definately several steps backwards from WMM 6. Why release something that is 40% as good as the previous product it tries to replace? WMM6 had an Automovie feature in it already, by the way.

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