Windows 7 ‘E’ edition for Europe scrapped!

Good news for folks in the European Union who plan on upgrading to Windows 7, there will be no special temporary ‘Windows 7 E edition’, Microsoft confirmed this evening to CNET News:

It looks like there won’t be a browserless version of Windows 7, after all.

Microsoft said late Friday that it won’t ship the Windows 7 "E" version of Windows even though Europe has yet to sign off on its revised plan. The plan calls for the company to ship Windows 7 with Internet Explorer, but present a ballot screen in which users in Europe can decide whether they want Internet Explorer or another browser.

The software maker had originally proposed shipping Windows 7 in Europe without a browser at all–the so-called "E" version of the operating system. However, European regulators indicated that might not satisfy its concerns.

Read the entire article here

The good news too, pre-orders will revert to Windows 7 with Internet Explorer, but will contain a ballot with additional third party web browsers from which users can select. Pre-orders made available this summer will still be the Full Packaged Product license that customers receive. Customers in Europe will not have to do a clean install either and will be able to do an upgrade from Windows Vista SP1 or later.

This is great news for everyone and it sounds like a good compromised is being reached with other web browser developers too!


A Quick Look: Customizing your Windows 7 Installation


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