Update: Thank you to all who voted! Microsoft Clubhouse Choice Awards

Just would like provide an update on the Microsoft Clubhouse Choice Awards, which recognizes exceptional community authors sharing their experiences using Microsoft Products and Services.

Yesterday, Windows Community Manager for the Microsoft Clubhouse Marcus announced the winners in their respective categories that they were nominated in:

  • Best Technical Direction:  Andre
  • Best Story:  Michael
  • Best Tip or Trick:  Vasudev
  • Outstanding Art Direction:  Technogran
  • Early Adopter:  Richard H.
  • Rising Star: Ali
  • Clubhouse All-Star:  Jamie
  • I am truly honored and happy to have received the award for Best Technical Direction. Its inspiring to know that you found my articles helpful enough to vote for me. To be nominated alone was definitely a surprise and to receive an award on top of it is just terrific. To fellow awardees, a BIG Congratulations, you also have shown your passion, keep it up and I look forward to reading all that great content you keep putting out!

    If you are interested in joining Microsoft Clubhouse, you can learn more at the following link Windows Community Clubhouse Space, I encourage it too. Share your experiences!

    Learn more here



    Got a lovely surprise this evening from @Marcusatmsft, Windows Community Manager for the Microsoft Clubhouse, check it out:


    As we come up on the one year anniversary of the Clubhouse, we’re going to celebrate the Clubhouse Choice Awards.  Our community management team has selected you and your contributions to be nominated as part of those awards.  Look for more information on the Clubhouse Space blog soon, but I wanted to send you this quick note ahead of time to say congratulations on your nomination!

    Best regards,


    Windows Community Manager

    This is absolutely exciting! Why? Well being the first Clubhouse Choice Awards and being nominated amongst an exceptional group of community members who have authored well written articles about their experiences with various Microsoft products, services and technologies. Being nominated alone is a great honor, it is really rewarding to know that my contributions are enjoyed by you the community.

    A big thank you to all!

    You can vote for nominees HERE which is open to the public.




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    42 responses to “Update: Thank you to all who voted! Microsoft Clubhouse Choice Awards

    1. Technogran

      Yes Andre this is a wonderful way to acknowedge our posts in the Clubhouse and in my estimation you truly deserve to be nominated! Your posts have been informative without getting too technical for any \’newbies\’ reading, (a mistake that some others tend to make is being too technical so that anyone who is a newbie either can\’t understand it, or isn\’t interested in it) Keep up the good work and congratulations!

    2. Andre

      Thank you so much Technogran, it means a lot to hear you say that. You have been an exceptional contributor as well, I love all your articles on Windows Live especially Windows Live Photo Gallery, you really open it up in a way that makes using the program a lot of fun while staying informative and clear to the reader, you are definitely a star!

    3. rev lewis

      I need help right away, I shorted out my mother board and had to replace it, now my vista wont load the funny thing is i am a micro soft OEM and i build unit and teach the homeless how to build them and get them jobs, so it was stupid for me to short my board out but i did .. I have never used any method of installing software except by the bundles. windows sent me a list of numbers and i am willing to pay for a new number but it is like this 66G-036++ the plus is to keep from posting the whole number. but i have no idea how to use these numbers I have the original number for my software but as you know without the old mother board it wont load, so if you guys can explain to me how this works i would appreciate it,, or give me the support number for ms I lost it and I have looked every where even on line ,,, ITS NOT MY DAY<< God Bless You and Yours Rev Lewis

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