Update: Windows 7 Beta and Release Candidate

Just a reminder, Windows 7 Release Candidate will expire tomorrow August 20th. Stephen L. Rose of the Microsoft Springboad Series blog provides us with some details about Release Candidate availability and resources:

I just wanted to take a moment and post a few quick reminders.

Read the entire article here

Download Windows 7 Release Candidate here



Back in January, Microsoft released the Public beta for the next version of Windows. Since then, the Windows Team received a tremendous amount of feedback that has been engineered into the recent Release Candidate. Persons however are still running the beta, which is possibly a sign of the high level of quality that has gone into engineering Windows 7. But, regardless you might love running the beta, you cannot do so forever, starting this July 1st, Windows 7 will start to enter a reduced functional mode which will trigger a series of Shutdowns by hourly.

If you need some help with making the move to the Release Candidate and continue enjoying the new features and experiences Windows 7 offers, I along with other Windows Enthusiast from around the world have prepared guides and stories that will help you make the transition along with tutorials for getting the most out of Windows 7 at http://www.microsoft.com/windows7 

Getting your PC ready for Windows 7 Release Candidate
Upgrading: Starting the Move to Windows 7 Release Candidate
Installation: Starting the Move to Windows 7 Release Candidate
The Complete Guide On How To Install Windows 7 RC by AboKevin
Windows Easy Transfer: Starting the Move to Windows 7 Release Candidate
Windows Easy Transfer: Lessons Learned

A Look at Windows Backup and Windows Update in 7
How to successfully burn or write an ISO-image to cd or dvd

and most important, download the Windows 7 Release Candidate HERE



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