Windows 7 Team blog: Update on Windows 7 in Europe

This morning, Brandon Leblanc, provided us with an update about availability of Windows 7 in Europe along information about a wider market availability for Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack upgrade. Here is what he had to say:

I want to provide a couple of updates for my friends in Europe today in regards to Windows 7.

I want to start off with an update to our plans for the Windows 7 Family Pack. As I mentioned last month, starting with the launch of Windows 7 on October 22nd, customers will be able to buy a Family Pack in the US & Canada. This allows users to install Windows 7 Home Premium on up to 3 existing Windows PCs for a reduced price. It’s an easy and cost effective way to get customers entire household on Windows 7.

I can now tell you of several more countries that will have a chance to take advantage of this great deal: the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden. This will also be a limited offer, but is just one more way that our customers can save on Windows 7.

Read the entire article here

Excellent news for customers around the world who have multiple PC’s in the home. Multiple PC’s running Windows 7 on a home network can take advantage of some powerful capabilities such as HomeGroups, Media Streaming and Libraries which makes sharing information and resources such as a Printer simpler.

Brandon also talked about changes to Windows 7’s web browser, users will now have a ballot box choice that will allow them to choose a third party web browser instead of the default Internet Explorer. This of course means the initial Windows 7 E product will not be offered and customers will instead be offered full and upgrade versions of Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8. Customers who pre-ordered Windows 7 in Europe prior to September 1st will be able to get a full version of Windows 7 at upgrade pricing.

Windows 7 E was provided as a temporary solution until Microsoft was able to provide a possible upgrade path for Windows Vista with Internet Explorer to Windows 7 without Internet Explorer. Microsoft has since come to a resolution with third party web browser developers and the European Commission to resolve this issue through the new ballot box selection instead.


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