Language Packs for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise now Available

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced two SKU’s called Ultimate and Enterprise which included unique functionality for enterprise customers and power users. One the features was Worldwide interfaces languages which included the ability for IT Professionals to configure a disk image that includes all Microsoft user interface languages. Today, Microsoft announced the availability of 35 languages Packs for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise, here is what Microsoft SpringBoard Series Blog author Stephen L. Rose had to say:

As of this morning, August 25th, the following language packs are available for download from Windows Update. Please note Traditional Chinese –Taiwan will be released at a later date.

These language packs are available to our enterprise customers running Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate RTM versions only. Customers on the Windows 7 Release Candidate are not eligible for these language packs.

Learn more here

You can download these language packs from within Windows Update Control Panel on Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise. What are some of the benefits of Multi-lingual User Interfaces?

  • A single, multi-lingual disk image enables worldwide deployment to all PC form factors (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc).
  • Significant cost savings by reducing the number of images an IT department needs to deploy and maintain.
  • End users can toggle between languages installed on the PC – great for multi-lingual homes if you are running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Remaining Ultimate Extra Language Packs Released!
Windows Vista Ultimate language pack release information


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6 responses to “Language Packs for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise now Available

  1. Jiao

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  2. Aulo

    I bought a laptop Sony Vaio en Moscu.. Of course the lenguage is Russian… I would like change this language to Spanish or English.,. How an you help me..? Somebody told me that ypu are the best for this.. Thank You…

    • You will first need to do an Anytime Upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate in Russian then you can download the English Language Pack through Windows Update.

      To get additional MUIs by using Windows Update
      MUIs are available through Windows Update as optional updates. They aren’t installed automatically.

      Click to type: Windows Update.
      Hit Enter

      In the left pane, click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your computer.

      If any updates are found, click Select optional updates.

      Select the MUI that you want, and then click OK.

      Click Install updates. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

      Since Anytime Upgrade is not available in Russia, you will need to purchase a Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade package (a retail boxed copy), then use the product key and Anytime Upgrade to upgrade Ultimate.

  3. Aulo

    I forget it.. Windows 7 Home Premium

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