New Office 2010 build showcases new branding elements

A new build of Office 2010 purported to be beta 1 has leaked to the net, showcasing some major branding improvements such as a new Office logo along with new Office 2010 application icons. The interface themes have been refreshed with a lighter color scheme. Check out the following screenshots:

The most notable changes to the icons are their color schemes, featuring a lighter palette, along with letters from the alphabet for most icons from the Office family, example: A for Access, X for Excel, P for PowerPoint. Its quite different but more self explainable I guess.

The new logo features a universal bright yellow/orange instead of the classic 4 colors Red, Blue, Yellow and Green with accented outer edges. The center of the logo is more stylish removing the four squares found in the previous Office logo.

The Office Template gallery features unique branding with more detailed icons and Office OneNote 2010 features a new welcome screen.

Office 2010 definitely focuses on the user experience, but improved functionality has also been added, the beta adds modifications to backstage preview technology and a new Office Upload feature possibly for integration with Office Web Apps. For corporate deployments of Office 2010, volume license customers can expect to see Microsoft Key Management Service added for activating installations of Office 2010. I personally am hoping to see more integration with Jump List and interactive thumbnail previews. There is so much potential for synergies between Office 2010 and Windows 7.


A look at the new Office 2010
Office 2010 Technical Preview Screenshots
Office 2010 Team Blog now up



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