Windows 7 Ultimate Commemorative Edition

Today I got a call from FedEx that a package from Microsoft is available for me to pickup. I wondered what it could be, so I hurried down to FedEx and hurried back home to unpack. Ah, there it was, my very own, special commemorative edition of Windows 7 Ultimate for participating in Microsoft’s Technical Beta Program since January 2009. The folks behind this special edition added a little something extra to the packaging to make it standout as a memento from the great experience we had testing this exceptional release of Windows upgrade. At the back of the box is a special note from Steve Ballmer thanking testers for their hard work:


Thank You.

On behalf of all the people who helped to create Windows 7, I want personally
thank you for the interest, collaboration, and support you’ve extended to Microsoft
over the years.

Steve Ballmer

Check out the slide show here

This is certainly a lovely gesture and I would like to extend my thanks to Microsoft again and the Windows Team for allowing me to participate in such an excellent release. The experience I have had testing Windows 7 was one I will never forget. Also, I must extend congratulations to fellow testers for the great job they did testing Windows 7, the feature focuses, chats and filing of reports help to shape this release that millions will enjoy world wide on their PC at work and home.


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