Reader Views: Issues with Bluetooth on select Dell select systems

At Teching It Easy, I am open to hearing your experiences and utilizing my blog as a voice of the customer. Today, I am posting a readers experience with Bluetooth on certain Dell systems.

Jeff from Michigan says:


I am contacting you in an effort (however likely or unlikely) to get Dells attention to a serious matter affecting numerous Dell laptop platforms and multiple Bluetooth module versions. Here is the issue-

I have need to use Bluetooth stereo audio functionality (AD2P profile) almost exclusively when I use my laptop.

I had owned a M1330 with the Dell Bluetooth Module 355 module for several years without issue. Last November, I decided to upgrade and purchased an M15x (laptop #1) with the Dell 370 Bluetooth module included, running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. Not more than one day out of the box, the 370 module failed while watching a movie. It literally disappeared from device manager and no uninstalling/reinstallation of drivers alleviated the solution. The only way to get the radio to be recognized by the operating system was and is, to shutdown, reboot into bios, disable the card in bios, reboot into windows,restart,boot into bios, enable the card and then reboot into Windows. The card would then work for a while but eventually fail again. The module works for short periods of time but if put under an extended load, fails. That and other issues with the M15x caused me to return it.

Contacted Dell and returned the M15x and bought and built a Studio XPS 1645 (laptop #2) to replace it. Received the unit and literally with the 1st few hours, the 370 module failed exactly like the M15x.I thought o.k. a bad card and had tech support send out a new module for the XPS 1645. Received and installed it and the exact same problem happened. Failed when under an extended load. Again called tech support and was then dispatched an onsite tech to replace the entire motherboard and card. No resolution-card failed again. Spoke with a resolution specialist and returned it and again purchased a M15x (laptop #3-really liked the M15x over the XPS 1645) [:'(]

Received the M15x-Bluetooth failure again. At this point, was considering dropping Dell altogether but thought I’d try the Studio 1558 (laptop #4) with the Bluetooth 365 module, in order to rule out the 370 card, first. Ordered and wad delivered on the 5th of April, same exact issue-failure of card under a load. I am returning this defective Studio 1558 and again getting a M15x (laptop #5).

What appears to be happening is that the card will shut down when its heat tolerance is exceeded. Either a manufacturing defect or a Dell engineering issue. I know now through personal experience that there is a serious engineering issue with Dell Bluetooth cards. Either it is an oversight by engineering-maybe they didn’t test the card under a heavy load, or Dell is knowingly selling defective equipment. I realize that the M15x Bluetooth card will fail again-in fact, am 100% sure it will fail, but have bought a Sony Bluetooth transmitter as a workaround.

This is affecting at least 3 different laptop platforms and both Bluetooth modules that Dell sells.

Any help you could provide to get this matter attention is greatly appreciated.


Hopefully Jeff can get some representation or appropriate response from Dell on this issue. Are you also experiencing a similar issue? Have you gotten any feedback, workaround or tips that could help Jeff out? If so, please feel free to drop a few lines in the comments!



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