Finally, improvements to blocking Spam on Windows Live Properties

I almost cried when I saw this. As you might be aware, the Windows Live folks are beginning to rollout the next generation of Windows Live Services Wave 4. One of the major issue users of services such as Spaces and Invitations might experience is the constant barrage of Spam. Whether it be invitation Spam or Comment Spam. Today when I logged into my Profile on Windows Live, I was greeted by the new look of the service.

Its now easier to report spam.

Windows Live Spaces now makes it easier to delete and report spam comments

The design is clean and refreshing and features deeper integration with popular Social Networking services such as YouTube and Facebook. The Windows Live Folks have also added improvements to privacy with various levels for how you would like people to communicate with you, these include Public, Limited and Private. Clubhouse member Technogran provides some first hand experience using the new Privacy improvements, check it out here For me personally, the biggest issue has always been the Spam Comments on my Windows Live Space and Windows Live Invitations. Windows Live Messenger already included reporting capabilities but they are now finally a part of the various properties that support user commentary, these include Spaces, Windows Live Notes and Invitations.

This is certainly a great step and I appreciate the Windows Live Team listening to us. Now, what I would like to see is probably filtering capabilities that can be used to block out certain type of comments based on key words. The most popular ones I continue to see are abercrombiefitch, nike, laptop battery. It would be nice to be able to make exceptions too depending on the particular post I published to Windows Live Spaces, so if I do write something about abercrombiefitch, nike or laptop batteries, I can add and exception for comments on that particular post. I hope there are also plans in place to have some sort of crawler to delete existing spam comments. The amount of spam comments are probably in the hundreds of thousands on my blog alone. I would never have the time or patience to delete all of those. Again, I am happy with these improvements!

Thanks Windows Live!

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