Trying out Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

Microsoft today released the first version of its popular Instant Messaging client Windows Live Messenger for iPhone version 1.01. I took the opportunity to try it out since I saw some early previews of it. I must say I am impressed with this client, its very feature rich with a well designed interface that makes chatting on the go fun! Although it works on the iPhone, users of Apple’s iPod Touch can also use Windows Live Messenger for iPhone. Actually, it should be called Windows Live Messenger for iOS since Apple is now spreading their mobile operating system across various i-Devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch.


You have the option of downloading and syncing the Windows Live Messenger application from the iTunes App Store if you have iTunes installed. I simply downloaded it from my iPod Touch by going to the App Store app on the device and did a search for ‘Windows Live Messenger’.

I proceeded to click the free button and the very quick installation began.

Installing Windows Live Messenger for iPhone (please forgive the lo-res images, took these using my phone).

Signing in

Signing in was a breeze, when you click the WL Messenger icon on the home screen, you are immediately taken to the sign in page, which automatically displays the soft keyboard.


Signing in to Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

When you are signed in, you are greeted by the highlights page, which displays a strip with links of common interest at the top along with your status message. These links include, recent activities from your friends, your recent activities, photos and status messages. You also have a quick link to your Windows Live Hotmail inbox from with the application.

You can also view social networking activities from your friends on other networks such as Twitter and even view friend invitation, which is pushed to you.

At the bottom of the WL Messenger for iPhone app, are four tabs relating to social, friends, chats and photos. Social deals with activities that take place on social networks such as Twitter, you can even comment on your friends messages from within this window. The Friends tab displays your contact list, you can easily touch a contact and begin chatting. Windows Live Messenger for iPhone supports features such as favorites and ability to search your contact list. The Chat tab displays all your active chat sessions along with latest message from your friend.

Chatting on the iPod Touch

Users should feel right at home on WL Messenger for iPhone, most of the expected and familiar features are there, such as emoticons and the ability to do photo sharing which is really cool.

A beautiful set of emotive icons are available when chatting


Working with Photos on WL Messenger for iPhone is such a cool experience and its easy too, just touch the convenient Photos tab which will reveal your collection of photos stored on your Windows Live Skydrive Photos by default.

Viewing your photos on the iPhone or iPod Touch is a lovely experience.

You can view a slideshow of your photos, edit the name of the photo, or even apply an effect and share it with your friends. Photos even support the iPods accelerometer, so you easily rotate and view both portrait and landscape shots easily. You can even download the photo or use it as your picture if you want. Its very impressive to see so many powerful features available on such a small device, done so elegantly and beautifully.

Some of the cool effects available for photos on your iPhone

If you want to upload an album of photos off your iPhone you can do so too. Just click the add button, give it a name, choose your access privileges and touch Done. Some of the available effects include Glamour, Burn, Warmth, Rainbow and up to 36 others.

There really are no compromises here, I am really impressed with all these rich capabilities available. I notice you are also kept signed if you are logged into Windows Live Messenger on the desktop. Not so sure about that, I would also like the ability to keep conversation history synced between both PC and mobile, although some might argue that’s a security risk. Over-all, I am very excited about this. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, definitely download it, the best thing of all, its FREE! Which is something you can’t say about some of the other Messenger supported clients on the App Store.


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2 responses to “Trying out Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

  1. toni

    always giving me cannot connect to server , i never could log in.

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