Windows Live Essentials BETA Coming Tomorrow!

Exciting news, the next version of Microsoft’s multimedia suite of programs for Photos, Video editing, Instant Messaging, Email, Synchronization with Windows Live services is coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow, hot on the heels of the Hotmail roll-out, the new Windows Live Essentials becomes available for public beta testing. Windows Live Essentials beta requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, and is available in English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or Spanish.  As soon as the beta goes live tomorrow (we’ll update this blog post when it does), you’ll be able to get it from here.

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I love the commitment that Microsoft has invested in these powerful products over the years. They just keep getting better with each release and the synergy between Windows Live and Windows 7 is even stronger. There are exciting improvements that will take advantage of core features in Windows 7 to provide exciting results when working on photos and videos. I am pleased to see Windows Live Essential products such as Photo Gallery and Mail embrace the Scenic Ribbon to provide consistency and better usability.

I am looking forward to using Photo Gallery in particular, I recently read about some of the exciting improvements coming such as Photo Stitching and Retouching built in, features you normally would pay for through commercial software packages. Windows Live Essentials is even more Social and its one of the things I believe will definitely set this release apart, support for networks such as Facebook and Twitter are fully embraced and I believe it will reinvigorate the use of services such as Windows Live Messenger when combined with media such as video calls and photo sharing.


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2 responses to “Windows Live Essentials BETA Coming Tomorrow!

  1. technogran

    Yes. I love it all Andre so will be eager to see what the rest of the users think

  2. Andre

    Me too TG, I am looking forward to it. Backed up my computer, will be running it exclusively on my computer until it is finalized. 🙂

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