Making the move to WordPress

This blog post will chronicle my move to WordPress from Windows Live Space which I have been using since December 2004.  I have been holding out a bit longer than I expected. I must admit, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, I just hope the migration is without any glitches. I have invested years of blogging into Windows Live Space and it would be a shame to lose any of it. Especially the pre-Windows Live Writer days. I didn’t start using Writer until 2006 when it first debuted in beta form, so there is a large collection of post I don’t have saved locally.


So long old friend, 2004 to 2009


I’m so nervous!


Since I don’t have a WordPress account, I will just use the handy feature of connecting my Windows Live account with WordPress.


Connecting my Windows Live Account to WordPress


Choosing a blog name and password


Unfortunately, my old account name  [adacosta] is not available, so I will use

You know what’s even more annoying, the blog that is named has only one blog entry and has not been updated since January 2008. WordPress should do something about inactive blog accounts like that.


Thank goodness! Its available!


Migration in progress. During my transition, I received the following email from the Spaces team regarding migration:

We are now upgrading your Windows Live Spaces blog to and it will be ready to use soon. Though the process could take as long as a day, it usually happens faster than that. If you experience any issues with your upgrade, please check out our Windows Live Spaces Help Center for resources and contact information.

Your visitors using bookmarked Spaces links will be automatically redirected to If you choose to connect with Messenger Connect, a link to your blog will also be added to your profile and your friends will be able to see and comment on your blog posts right from Messenger. You can manage services that you’ve connected to Windows Live on the Manage Connected Services page. We hope you’ll enjoy this new experience.

Still have questions? Visit the Spaces Upgrade Center

Thanks for using Windows Live!

The Spaces Team


So far, so good. I might have to do some customizations first before I call it ready. 


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7 responses to “Making the move to WordPress

  1. Chris Gonzales

    You’ll do fine. Plus you can control the spam comments to unlike on live,.

  2. Welcome to WordPress Andre! Now you might like to work your way through some of my how-to’s regarding choosing a header, background and personalizing your new home! Take a look here at

  3. Ahh I see now! I presume these are old categories from your Spaces blogs. Well first of all, go into your Dashboard, then under Posts click on Categories. If you can’t see them do a search. Now the only way that I can see how you could sort of do this is to Make one a parent of the other one, so Make Windows 7 the parent and then place 7 Journal under that parent. Okay Andre its not exactly merging them, but then all posts with those Categories should in theory be found under ‘Windows 7’ ( I think!)
    If this isn’t what you are after, then I would contact the WordPress bods and the forums and ask the question there if I were you. Someone is bound to know if its doable or not.

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