Improvements to Explorer Shell in next version of Windows

I came across an image taken at the press briefing of the next version Windows on ARM at CES 2011. The image shows what seems to be some minor improvements to the Windows Explorer shell. Although I am not much in to rumors (I just find it redundant these days), I am excited about what Microsoft might be doing with the next release.

Explorer Shell

As you can see in the above screen capture pointed out by winreview, there seems to be some additions to the Windows Explorer shell such as what appears to be tabbed windows at the bottom of the window and window controls at the extreme right. Up at the top, just like Internet Explorer 9, Explorer Shell includes the OneBox Address bar, which unifies Search and recently visited websites into one. I assume Enterprise Search scopes will be built into OneBox in Explorer, so you search multiple locations like you can using different Search engines. 

At these early point in the development, looks like Microsoft is making further improvements to Windows user experience with welcome improvements.


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